Chasing an Endorphin Release

I completed a 10-hour Adventure Race last weekend. Looking back, I am still not sure why I expressed interest to my friends who have been doing these for years. Whatever the reason, they offered, I committed, and we completed. It is done! The race was 10-hours of continuous movement in the form of either jogging,Continue reading “Chasing an Endorphin Release”

Escaping Puritan Roots

I remember a book I read for a college elective that discussed how the various waves of English migration to the United States helped shape the culture and norms of regions in America. Basically, when the wealthy landowners had stability in England, the working-class protestants came to America and settled in the north. And whenContinue reading “Escaping Puritan Roots”

Target the Max ROI: Lessons from Splendor

I had a revelation the other day while playing the board game Splendor: go for the investment with the highest ROI everything else being equal. It seems obvious when I type that out, but it took me many games to get there. For those of you who do not know, Splendor is a game ofContinue reading “Target the Max ROI: Lessons from Splendor”