Coding: A necessary modern skill?

I decided I should start learning to code again towards the end of part one of my sabbatical, skiing in Park City. I had dabbled into coding in high school, which was enough to pique my interest to the point where my initial major at Iowa State University was Computer Engineering. I had some programmingContinue reading “Coding: A necessary modern skill?”

Waking up and Mindfullness

This post is the fitting follow up to one about physical exercise. As stated in one of Sam Harris’s theory lessons within his mindfulness app, Waking Up, meditation and the practice of being mindful is exercise for the brain no different than running is for the body. That is not a direct quote, but theContinue reading “Waking up and Mindfullness”

Altucher’s Idea Muscle

If you have never heard of James Altucher, I encourage you to visit his site. He is a unique individual with interesting views. I would not tell anyone to adopt every one, but he does provide perspectives that you won’t find every day. From him, I borrowed the “idea muscle.” The premise is that generatingContinue reading “Altucher’s Idea Muscle”

The “Dailies”

One of my main concerns upon setting out on my sabbatical last November was atrophy. Basically, laziness and lack of purpose would set in and aspects of myself would deteriorate. Therefore, I made goal setting a huge part of the sabbatical. The complete list of items I did at various points of the sabbatical isContinue reading “The “Dailies””