I am vaccinated. I got my two shots of Moderna as soon as possible. Part of the reason was for my own safety, but a larger motivation was protecting those around me. Specifically, those closest to me including my parents and some other relatives who are in a higher risk group due to their age.Continue reading “Isolation”


I recently finished Sam Harris’s long form essay titled, “Lying” and thoroughly enjoyed it. The essay made me think about my tolerance for lying, from others and myself, and what I define as a lie. It has also provided great conversational fodder for my friends and I. I try not to lie. I typically findContinue reading “Lying”

Finding Nature

To say that I believe one can draw vitality from nature would be a stretch; however, I do feel as if nature can have regenerative effects on us if we let it. I grew up in the country: wide open spaces were out my front door. Since then, I have lived in progressively larger towns/cities.Continue reading “Finding Nature”

Bad Decisions

Today one of my friends said that I am “prone to bad decisions.” This made me laugh because it has some historical accuracy. However, I pointed out to her that I prefer to think of them as “bold decisions.” I am going to use a few quotes from Mark Twain, a favorite philosopher of mine:Continue reading “Bad Decisions”

Travel Reflections

I was fortunate enough last weekend to catch up with a good friend, his wife, and newborn along with another friend who lives in that area. What follows are a few of my musings from that time. First off, I personally have some conversational awkwardness. While this is always true to a certain extent, itContinue reading “Travel Reflections”

Escaping Puritan Roots

I remember a book I read for a college elective that discussed how the various waves of English migration to the United States helped shape the culture and norms of regions in America. Basically, when the wealthy landowners had stability in England, the working-class protestants came to America and settled in the north. And whenContinue reading “Escaping Puritan Roots”

Stoicism & EQ

I have been learning about stoicism from William B. Irvine’s lessons on the mindfulness app, Waking Up. The other day I was listening to a lesson that talked about the parts of the brain and how they evolved. It dove into this because part of stoicism, and mindfulness in general, is about working through theContinue reading “Stoicism & EQ”


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