I have a theory that the root of all fear is the unknown. The best way to explain is through examples: Fear of the dark = what is in the dark = the dark is unknown Fear of loss = how will I feel / how will I fill the void = feelings and voidContinue reading “Fear”

COVID in 2022

I have previously mentioned my own stance on the vaccine, namely that I was going to get it and hoped most people would. I have also discussed that a vaccine did not prevent me from contracting COVID-19. Now we are in 2022. Some places in the world are starting to require boosters to become fullyContinue reading “COVID in 2022”


I am vaccinated. I got my two shots of Moderna as soon as possible. Part of the reason was for my own safety, but a larger motivation was protecting those around me. Specifically, those closest to me including my parents and some other relatives who are in a higher risk group due to their age.Continue reading “Isolation”


I recently finished Sam Harris’s long form essay titled, “Lying” and thoroughly enjoyed it. The essay made me think about my tolerance for lying, from others and myself, and what I define as a lie. It has also provided great conversational fodder for my friends and I. I try not to lie. I typically findContinue reading “Lying”

Finding Nature

To say that I believe one can draw vitality from nature would be a stretch; however, I do feel as if nature can have regenerative effects on us if we let it. I grew up in the country: wide open spaces were out my front door. Since then, I have lived in progressively larger towns/cities.Continue reading “Finding Nature”

Bad Decisions

Today one of my friends said that I am “prone to bad decisions.” This made me laugh because it has some historical accuracy. However, I pointed out to her that I prefer to think of them as “bold decisions.” I am going to use a few quotes from Mark Twain, a favorite philosopher of mine:Continue reading “Bad Decisions”

Travel Reflections

I was fortunate enough last weekend to catch up with a good friend, his wife, and newborn along with another friend who lives in that area. What follows are a few of my musings from that time. First off, I personally have some conversational awkwardness. While this is always true to a certain extent, itContinue reading “Travel Reflections”


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