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Three Dimensional


Become an exceptional leader with 10 minutes a day

3 Dimensional Leadership provides short lessons every weekday designed for the busy manager. Through this 13-week program, you will build effective habits that will make you a better leader. The dimensions we focus on are people, tactics, and strategy.

Whether you are a new leader, someone looking to get into leadership, or a tenured leader who wants to broaden their skills, this course will get you to the next level.

The Program

Our program combines the coach’s real world experience with extensive research into the principles of notable sources such as: Stephen M.R. Covey, Patrick Lencioni, Greg McKeown, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Gary Keller, Antony Bell, John Doerr, Douglas Conant, Mette Norgaard, Dale Carnegie, and Jocko Willink.

We did the research and tried it out, then packaged it up into this course designed to help you build the habits needed to become a better leader.

Become the Leader your Team Deserves