I am vaccinated. I got my two shots of Moderna as soon as possible. Part of the reason was for my own safety, but a larger motivation was protecting those around me. Specifically, those closest to me including my parents and some other relatives who are in a higher risk group due to their age.

I also now have antibodies against the COVID vaccine thanks to becoming one of the breakthrough COVID cases towards the end of August. My experience with COVID was very mild which I am thankful for. I also trust the science that says a significant contributor to my easy experience was thanks to being vaccinated.

With COVID comes a mandatory 10-day isolation. Isolation was an interesting time for me. I am a social creature by nature, but also need to recharge frequently which I do that best alone. Therefore, I viewed isolation as an opportunity to relax and recharge, and most importantly, a chance to get healthy and ensure I was fully recovered at the end of my period.

Taking a step back, I didn’t spend much of early COVID times alone; therefore, this was really my first quarantine/isolation. I found it to be a nice retreat. There was no pressure to get out and do anything. And it provided opportunities to play around with hobbies that I rarely find time for.

Though I was missing out on some important events my last day in isolation. I am not sure if the timing or the events played a larger role in getting stir crazy, but it happened.

My takeaway from the experience is that COVID continues to be a concern. Even though my own symptoms were mild that will not be the experience of others vaccinated or not. I passed COVID on to at least one vaccinated person, who in turn passed the virus onto a second. This occurred before I (or either of them) showed any symptom beyond a runny nose. The moment I had a second symptom, I did an at home test which came back positive and started isolating.

My other takeaway is that an annual “self-retreat” can be beneficial. Though I think I will schedule the next one and keep it less than 10 days.

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