Finding Nature

To say that I believe one can draw vitality from nature would be a stretch; however, I do feel as if nature can have regenerative effects on us if we let it.

I grew up in the country: wide open spaces were out my front door. Since then, I have lived in progressively larger towns/cities. One silver lining from COVID is that it forced me to get out and find nature in my immediate area.

My solace came in the form of Lake Michigan. Looking out over the water or swimming in it during the warmer months is spectacular. The lake extends beyond the limits of the eye and allows me to forget the high rises and metropolis behind me.

As I type this, I have a view of the Lake. I have been in this apartment for 2 months and it has not gotten old. I frequently find myself taking accidental mental breaks to stare over the water. Even the buildings in my view don’t really deter from the happy effect that the lake provides. (A frequent distraction is the sailboats. Who are these people sailing in the middle of a weekday?!?)

I still enjoy going back to the country; for me, there is nothing like a night sky in the middle of nowhere. And while the farm isn’t quite as magical as the center of a National Park, it is close. If I were to define my ideal place it would have water, mountains, and a pristine night sky.

The challenge right now is that I am currently into city life. But one out of three is enough when that one is Lake Michigan.

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