Curse of Unresolved Issues

I have recently been contemplating the things that we humans let slide. These could be things that a person does, says, or an unfinished conversation.

To a certain extent it is on each of us to accept the other for who they are. But the question I am pondering is, “at what cost?” If an issue is degrading the quality of one’s own life, then one must address it, right? Otherwise, you are accepting an inferior life.

Of course, in addressing the concern you must be ready to face the consequences. And that is probably what gives most of us pause and forces us to continue a suboptimal life.

Is it fear that holds us back? I can’t imagine what else it could be. Fear of the unknown. Fear of a potential loss. Fear of vulnerability. Or simply some combination thereof.

Of course, there is also the route of not addressing the issue (or issues) by removing that other individual from your life. That will resolve the issue without addressing it, but then you must accept the loss of that person.

This is on my mind as a failure to address issues early-on contributed to the end of my last relationship. And now I am reflecting on what I could do differently next time.

My only answer is to address the issues early since I refuse to accept the suboptimal life. If needed, I can face the fears by writing them out ahead of time. I am sure once I see them in black and white, the consequences of addressing an issue are acceptable compared to the alternative.

Back to this thing we call life!

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