I am a fan of Star Wars. Not a convention going fan, but whatever is one step below that. I enjoy sci-fi in general, so the combination of the Force, lightsabers, and the wild west nature of many settings is spectacular. Oh, and space travel.

What does this have to do with moderation? The light and dark side of the force obviously.

It struck me that many of the Jedi struggle to maintain this pure mindset. They struggle with the teachings of their chosen Order, and who can blame them when one of the requirements is essentially no outside attachments outside. That is not natural for social beings.

To overcome their struggles, they focus so much on being all the way light, that a single chink in their armor is like a crack in the dam that releases the flood. I think they would be better off if they tried moderation and stopped trying to be holier than the masses. As would we all.

I know that moderation is hard. Because moderation allows for vices in your life, you must continuously manage them. Therefore, one must constantly reflect on their choices to ensure that they align with their goals and morals.

The good news for Moderation is that because it is all about the gray area, it allows for mistakes. When one starts to lean in a direction they don’t like, there isn’t some fallout. Instead, the individual can merely make a slight course correction and continue: no large collapse and no permanent harm.

The alternative is all or nothing. Completely removing something from your life can also be challenging but is typically easier to maintain once you have extracted the problem. After all, once whatever the concern and all associated triggers have been removed for a sufficient period, then it is no longer a habit, so the maintenance is easier.

However, the potential downside is also significant. This is where you hear about someone going on a low sugar diet for years, and then they turn 40, have some cake, finish the cake, and then the next day they are so disappointed, that they keep right on eating sweets.

That is why I am a proponent of practicing moderation. Have your cake and eat it too! (But not too frequently or in too large of quantity.)

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