Creating vs. Consuming

Why do I write? I frequently ask myself that very question. I know it would be easier if I consumed someone else’s work instead of taking the time to share in this blog and other places. And for the first 30+ years of my life that is mostly what I did: consumed information.

Being an information consumer has served me well. First and foremost, I learn and grow. Second, my thoughts are challenged as I gain new perspectives. And selfishly, being well informed is a way I have personally defined my value to those around me. (Though I am unsure if others would say the same.)

Through this blog and other mediums, I have started creating and sharing. I am unsure of the value in what I write to readers and can almost guarantee some of it is garbage. However, I think that is acceptable as there are other rewards.

For one, creating/writing helps me organize my own thoughts and opinions. Whether through a keyboard or pen and paper (reference my post on journaling), I must articulate thoughts and the feelings around those.

It also helps me get comfortable with putting myself out there; sharing myself with the public does not come naturally to me. But I have found that, like anything, facing those fears is the only way to push through.

And last, mixed amongst the mediocrity there is bound to be some new and original concepts: sometimes one must sift through the dross to find the gems. And the only way to get to those gems is to keep working at it, refine the craft, and persevere.

So I will continue to create new content. Or at the very least share my views on the happenings in the world and whatever occurs to me. Because we all owe it to the world to not just consume knowledge, but also to freely share.

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