Resuming Air Travel

I long to get back on an airplane. As I write this, it has been approximately 11 months since my last flight, a short hop from Kansas City to Denver, and I was typically doing at least 2 round trip flights per month between work and personal. In this time, I have driven close to 12,000 miles, the majority of which has been road trips across the US, so I have been fortunate to move around a bit. But I want to go abroad.

There is nothing quite like international travel. Exploring the people, food, culture, and language of a new area is fun and expands the mind in ways that can never be replicated at home. While I don’t envision my writings to be focused entirely on travel, I imagine that they will be heavily influenced in the near future.

I have decided that my first trip should utilize at least one of two skills I have put some focus on during the pandemic: the Spanish language and chartering a sailboat. The Caribbean seems to be a logical choice for both, but the typical sailing destinations are predominately either English or French Creole speaking.

The Western Med is a possibility, but I know that keeping it local is better for my first charter experience. Plus, I am intimidated by a Mediterranean Moor (though this video where you use a mooring line instead of your own anchor makes it seem feasible). So alas, I will only test one of my two new skills. The decision on which will likely be heavily influenced by who, if anyone, is along for the ride.

One thought on “Resuming Air Travel

  1. Congratulations on bringing something positive (two things) out of the pandemic. I’m desperate to travel again, particularly since the UK has imposed local restrictions against even internal travel for the past couple of months, so I’ve been stuck in the same roughly five mile radius. Relaxing in the Caribbean sounds perfect right now


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