Mountain Retreat

Last week I got the chance to relive the beginning of my sabbatical by skiing with my family in Colorado. We all got lucky in that Summit County experienced significant snowfalls starting midway on our second day, and I was fortunate enough to get on the slopes five straight days.

Even with COVID, I did occasionally ride a lift with a stranger (separated by two seats). Perhaps my favorite was a man who worked at a rental shop in the ski town and managed to get out every day for a few hours. I He told me his typical season is over 150 days on the slopes; I was envious.

He appeared to have found a source of income in a desired location with enough flexibility to pursue his passion. What is not to envy in that? Especially when I share a similar passion.

Over the 5 days, I was reminded how at peace I am on the slopes. Life’s worries drifted away in the crisp air and rugged beauty of the snow-covered mountains. In their place, my only concern was pushing myself and testing my abilities. And each day, I challenged myself a little more and was rewarded with incremental improvements.

But that alone is not enough for me. That is why I am not choosing to follow his lifestyle. I recognize my other passions and seek to create a lifestyle that supports those as well. Maybe a part time job in a ski town is in my future, but that is not the priority in this moment.

For now, I must savor every minute I spend on the slopes whether I am carving into a groomer or gliding on some fresh powder.

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