Finding your One Thing

I previously read the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I know that I got some takeaways out of it; however, since I cannot recall them, it seems likely they did not stick. But I have started listening to his new podcast which has reminded me of the premise.

I then compare his principles to my own life which is all over the place. This should not be a surprise if you have read several my posts: my interests are wide, and my curiosity constantly adds to the list. I sometimes question if it is a genuine interest in all these things that keeps me going, or a lack of ability to commit to any one item.

Which brings me back to my current book, The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. I am enjoying this book just as I recall enjoying Mr. McKeown’s. The book has examples of famously successful people who block out time every day for their one thing: Stephen King, Ernest Hemmingway, and Jerry Seinfeld all come to my mind for writing, writing, and writing jokes. To add one of my own, Michael Jordan.

(For those of you that have not watched the documentary The Last Dance, do it. You will see Michael’s single-minded focus to basketball that he transitioned it to baseball, and then flipped it back to basketball. I would go on to say he approached most of his life with that focus.)

I am trying to put the principles of The One Thing into practice. However, it is challenging given that I have not found that one thing. My long-term goals have allowed me to drill down to the ONE Thing for now, but the connection is too tenuous to feel the power of the principles discussed.

I suppose if these concepts were easy, everyone would be doing it. If anyone reading this happens to have found their ONE Thing. I am envious, yet I congratulate you. Hopefully, I will join you in the next few months.

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