I have always been terrible at chess. For whatever reason, I have a block against planning out moves and anticipating my opponent’s responses which is needed to achieve success in this grand strategic game. Therefore, I have made it a goal to improve my game.

I mostly do puzzles within the Chess app that are frequently centered on the endgame. If nothing else, these help me to plan a few moves ahead and visualize how the game might progress. After almost a year of messing around within the app, I am better, but not as advanced as I would like.

I wonder what my block is against anticipating the next five or more moves. I imagine that a lack of patience is part of the issue. I am a typical member of modern society that wants immediate feedback, and within the app I can get that by trying a move. This leads me to trying a good move, without planning out the next five moves to see if it is the best.

I continue with this app as I think it helps in developing strategy and patience. I already view strategic thinking as one of my strengths, but there is always room to grow. And putting effort into a strength typically yields higher dividends then the same effort into a weakness.

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