Worry & Stress

I recently finished reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying & Start Living” the recommended way, each chapter twice before the next. I do believe that helped various principles sink in more than others, but I still found myself going into the “golden book” to right this review.

First, it is fascinating to me that worry and stress were known to be such significant causes of physical health issues over a hundred years ago, and stress and worry induced ailments are still so prevalent today. I believe all of us should be educated on this concern and how to control worry and stress as we enter adulthood. Maybe that did not happen as we now have better drugs to help people cope? (That might be my own cynicism on the prevalence of a pharmaceutical solution in America.)

So many of the principles can help one with worry. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Live in “day-tight compartments”
  • The steps for facing trouble – What is the worst? Accept that worst. Try to improve on that worst.
  • Don’t fuss about trifles
  • Don’t worry about the past
  • Never try to get even with your enemies (or don’t even have any enemies)
  • Try to profit from your losses
  • Create happiness for others
  • Put enthusiasm into your work

And a few of my own, exercise and get lost in a good fiction book. There were references to those in the text, but they weren’t the express principles outlined. If you have never read the book, pick up a copy. It still applies 75+ years after written.

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