Coding: A necessary modern skill?

I decided I should start learning to code again towards the end of part one of my sabbatical, skiing in Park City. I had dabbled into coding in high school, which was enough to pique my interest to the point where my initial major at Iowa State University was Computer Engineering.

I had some programming as a part of an introductory course in my first semester which I enjoyed well enough. Then I had my first com sci programming class in semester two which did not go well; I found nothing engaging about learning to code in a lecture hall in the morning and left computer engineering.

My next time coding was using VBA to manage the backend of our Access based programs that ran the production schedule at work. The combination of practical application, having to learn the language on the fly based on what previous people did (with no comments), and making slight tweaks to improve and add performance refreshed my interest. However, I did not do anything further for years.

Fast forward to a sabbatical and an uncertain future career. I figured, why not pick-up coding again and see what happens? After some research, I chose the app Mimo. The free version was enough for me to decide to invest in a one-year membership to the pro version. I expect I will have consumed their entire content by the time that one-year is up.

I have learned the basics of HTML, JS, & CSS and am about to dive into Python. Mimo has proven effective in learning the basics, but one must step outside the planned courses to find your own personal application. And that is where I am today: working on building a website from scratch.

Will any new career opportunities come to me from this dabble into coding? I have not decided yet, which means it is still possible. If nothing else, I have learned a new skill that will continue to have potential applications for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Coding: A necessary modern skill?

  1. I wish I had even a basic understanding of coding – it seems virtually essential now-a-days. I know you invested in Mimo, but would you recommend it for a complete but interested beginner?


  2. Mimo definitely works for a beginner, though you would have to pay to get any substantial value out of it. I think it is around $60USD for 1yr, but they run promos. Mimo also has some quick little courses on numerous programming languages and general concepts related to all things tech, but the two main “paths” right now are web design through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with a separate path dedicated to Python.

    I did enough research up front to learn there are numerous apps available that are recommended; what one should choose depends on what you want to do with the knowledge, what languages are best for that goal, and then what app caters to that. Good luck!


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